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1/01/2010 12:01:00 am

Hi again you guys. I'm undertaking an overly optimistic ah..undertaking..for January. You see, I decided to become a Nablopomo blogger this January. That means that, even though I am lame when it comes to regular blog postage, this month I will post Every Single Day. And if I don't post Every Single Day then, well, I guess bad shit will happen. The sky will fall in or something, I dunno.

There is a theme for January. The theme is "Best." And well...I've got sweet nothin'. Nothin' at all.

I would say the best thing about this year is that it is over, but that is maudlin and makes me sound tragic. And as we all well know, I am anything but tragic... ahem... *tap* *tap* is this thing on??

I would say the best thing about this year is that I got a KitchenAid and a bunny. But that would be a lie, because neither of those things happened. And since our landlord is some kind of evil devil lady, there's not going to be a bunny. Ever. Furthermore, since I spent 700 dollars, which ironically is the same amount, almost exactly, as a KitchenAid, at the Apple store today getting my display replaced because I am a retard and I stood on him, there is not going to be a KitchenAid either for some time. It's all good though, because the longer I go without, the longer I have to change my mind constantly decide which colour I reeeeally want. And also it will limit my butter intake, which is my number 2 New Year resolution. Number 1 is to walk more and I can't remember number 3, so less butter has got to be a good thing.

I suppose one good thing about this year is that I finally finished uni, and I got a real job and now have an income. An income is a truly great things, because it means I can do things like buy shoes, and eat dumplings, and pay 700 dollars to get my MacBook display replaced because I am a retard and I stood on him. And also I wrote my thesis, which was extremely unpleasant, but good once over and was involved in the procurement of the aforementioned real job. 

It's hard to pin-point one best thing about a long and horrible year. It could be that I moved out of my awful house into a different, more nice, house where I can wander around without pants on and the tub is not clogged with suspiciously curly black hairs.

If I think about it though, I mean really think about it, I do have a "best" to close the year with: the best thing about the year is that I went to IKEA twice. Which leads me to suspect that the best thing to open the new year with is a trip to IKEA. The day after tomorrow.

Swedish meatballs, here I come.

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