A photo I took once: Tokyo.

1/16/2010 06:11:00 pm

It's patently obvious that I can't commit to posting daily. Let's just accept, and move on.

I'd like to embark on a different kind of endeavour, however. One without time constraints or unwieldy obligations. I can't do unwieldy.

This is post number one of a series of posts. A series of posts about a photo I took once.

A photo I took once in far away lands, that now resides in my Aperture archive; unseen, unloved.

A photo I would put in a book, if I had it in me to write a book. Or had enough photos to fill a book.

A photo with good memories and good exposure.

A photo I look at and remember more than what is held in the frame.

A photo I took once: Tokyo.

tokyo bokeh

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