Super awesome rhinoceros.

1/05/2010 09:30:00 pm

My brother gave me a rhinoceros for christmas. A little tiny rhinoceros made from stainless steel, on a sterling silver chain. A little tiny awesome super cute rhinoceros from people who make cool and awesome jewellery and sell it at markets in Canberra.

I think Canberra is boring. It's just like a version of Armidale, but with wider streets. I went to a cocktail party there once and everyone there was a public servant, and they all worked for the same government department, and they spoke in acronyms, and so I drank a lot a tequila, and maybe some gin, and caught a cab to the Hyatt and slept with a pilot. It was one of my finer moments.

It's ok, I knew the pilot, and nothing funny happened...

Anyway, I got this rhinoceros for christmas. He's so excellent. From a place called Klei. There are other animals, including a bunny (!) and a blue whale and a squirrel (animals to which I am partial).

But I like my rhinoceros best.

Even though I had to look up in the dictionary how to spell rhinoceros. It's just not a word I use often. Now that I know how to spell it, I'm going to try and use it more often. Just you wait.

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