In the making.

3/26/2010 09:13:00 pm

It's all about my new project. Maybe you will get some's currently just an idea. I'm mulling. I hope it pans out.

It all started somewhere around here (actually, there's an amusing story I could tell you about an incident last Saturday in Lincraft, but I'll save it for another time...)
Silk stocks
And it just sort of continued from there...
Fresh petal


Burning edges

Melted edge

Curled edge petal

It started to get a little out of control...those synthetic fabric fumes pack a punch!

Petal stack


But luckily there was method in the madness...

Sewing the base
Sewing petals

Peony in the making

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I need to get out more...

Open peony

Beaded centre


Open poppy

Have I piqued your interest? There's definitely a new project in the tubes!

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