container gardening for the brown-thumbed apartment dweller- part un

4/25/2010 04:44:00 pm

I just feel that one cannot be good at everything. For example, I am unable to use the fax machine at work, despite a number of attempts. I also cannot do push-ups (no upper body strength or will power).

Nor can I garden, despite a number of attempts...

Periodically I start to believe that perhaps..this time it will be different, and my visions of a balcony/bedroom/windowsill garden utopia take over completely. I end up in the garden section of Bunnings and KMart, and things get a little bit out of hand. (Sometimes I also start to think that I really can use a fax machine, but that one remains to be proven.)

In my imaginings, my garden is lush and verdant, and yields daily harvests of plump tomatoes, lettuce leaves, juicy peas, etc etc. In reality, one year I killed, in quick succession, three lavender bushes, a gardenia (who knew they need to be re-potted...?), a tomato, chives, parsley, mint (allegedy unkillable...lies!), and....three cacti.

Let me tell you something though.. I have a feeling deep in my nethers: this time it will be different!

From this...

Just you wait!

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