A photo I took once: Copenhagen

4/13/2010 10:29:00 pm

To get you up to speed, the mothership and I had been travelling around Scandinavia. It rained a lot. By the time we made it to Copenhagen we had:

  • Ogled some boys in uniform in Stockholm (actually...I think it was mostly me doing the ogles)
  • Caught a ferry to Finland, and timed our stay in a youth hostel perfectly to coincide with the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival ('Tuska' Finnish: pain, agony, many sad looking goths in full-length leather and collars)
  • Went to Marimekko flagship store in Helsinki. Died a little on the inside.
  • Caught a plane to Norway, sat in an airport for 8 hours, took another plane, still ended up in Norway. Went to Bergen, looked at some fjords, looked at some more boys in uniform. It rained a lot.
  • Took a train to Oslo. Looked at some boats. Looked at some statues.
  • Got on a ferry, and ended up in Denmark. But not like...Copenhagen... or anywhere normal like that..no, Fredrikshavn. They make the boats go there so that the ferry crossing, which really only takes like, half an hour, can last all. night. long.
I'm going to take a liberty here, and quote myself just to keep things fresh. I'm all about freshness.

Bright and early the next morning we arrived in Fredrikshavn, Denmark, where JM again marvelled at the efficiency of Scandinavian border controls. You see, things run so smoothly because said border controls consist mainly of sleepy looking guy drinking coffee, and two customs signs hanging over the exit saying "Nothing to Declare", and, "Items to Declare"...[commentary about Norway-Sweden relations, and Norwegians being sad booze hounds who are continually outsmarted by the Swedes follows]...Where was I? Oh yes, Fredrikshavn. We sat in the station for 2 hours. Very nice station. Nice looking church across the road too.

The train trip to Copenhagen was fairly uneventual: I patted a dog; we saw lots of wind turbines; and the train went through an under-sea tunnel from one Danish island to another, meaning that there were special instructions on the safety onboard card. "Alarm the personnel!" ...Finally, after many trains, ferries and hours spent waiting in Gardemoen Airport along the way, we left Copenhagen to begin our return to Uppsala.

But actually, I think..wait...yes..yep...I took a photo once in Copenhagen. It's just here:


It's from the window of the Georg Jensen flagship/museum.

One day soon I'll write a post about my love of things Georg Jensen, and also a funny thing that happened involving my mum and a really really expensive Arne Jacobsen chair. And also a strange conversation we had with a Danish man about the Georg Jensen flagship/museum. Turns out that Danish people don't pronounce "George Jensen" the same way that normal other people do.

It makes conversation difficult.

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