[Photos I took once: Autumn] + [Some things to covet]

4/06/2010 05:46:00 pm

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, no matter where you are. The air is chilly, the soil is moist, the leaves are turning, and my nose is runny. At the moment my heart is happy because it feels the horrid summer is nearly over. No more humidity. No more sweaty knee creases. If only it also meant no more stinky people on the train, but one can't win them all, as they say..or something yeah.

Anyway. My heart is singing and all that. Let's talk about three very important things:

  • Mushrooms in the chilly Uppsala ground and Kikki K

    Host unlined notebook  from Kikki K... I'm not sure how to deal with my Kikki K addiction. Maybe I need to start some kind of a club.. KKA or some such. In any event, I'm loving the current season designs from Kikki and I will be even more loving if I should happen to get something lovely from Kikki for my birthday this year. Nudge. Hint.

    • Early Autumn foliage and Marimekko

      Leaves changing season

      Marimekko Kaiku mug without handle, designed by Maija Louekari. Yeah that's right, something from Marimekko...I bet you didn't see that one coming! I'm not really a huge fan of this design in the full-scale print, because it isn't really a graphic print like many of the classic 'mekko designs, rather it's a 2.5 metre repeat of a forest image, and the colours are a bit bright for my liking. Still, in small scale, I sort of...love it...

      • Late Autumn leaves and cake. 

      Changing colours

      Cake. Yes. That is all.

      Mmmmnn cake.

      If cake and Marimekko could be interbred somehow then my life would be..well.. yes... perfect.

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