The rabbit is in charge here

4/05/2010 09:55:00 am

Binky stayed at home by herself this weekend. Separation anxiety may have ensued (mine, not hers). I was paranoid that she was going to die, so I got Rob to promise that he would find a shovel and bury her little furry body if the worst had happened when we got home this afternoon.

Nothing happened... She lived. She pooed. She chewed. Etc.

Anyway, recently Binky has discovered the full potential of her back legs and has realised that she can not only take the bunny barrier without even a second look, but also that she can jump up on the bed. She likes jumping on the bed, especially at 7am.

She also likes jumping on the couch, and the coffee table, and now also the blanket box which houses the TV. Soon I think she will be able to jump up on the TV as well, and then my feeble efforts at bunny proofing the house will have been well and truly conquered.

Hiding from afar

The hiding spot up close

Binky presides

Binky turns

The bunny is in charge here and I am powerless to stop her. She's just too damn cute.

Binky chillaxing

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