Binky's Ball

5/03/2010 08:00:00 am

Playing games with a bunny can be a difficult thing. Most of the time I'm pretty sure that Binky's pretty sure that we're going to eat her. And I'm pretty sure that such feelings aren't conducive to game playing.

Before I gave birth to found Binky, I did a lot of rabbit research. Like.. lots. And so when she arrived, I had lots of toys and yummy things, and nice bunny housing ready for her. The juiciest hay. The fluffiest paper shreds. You know what I mean.

Imagine my disappointment then, when I gave her this little wicker ball and she wasn't interested. Not interested in the slightest. Especially if I rolled it towards her and she obviously thought it was going to eat her. Cue hysterical rabbit hiding under couch for three hours whilst quivering. I felt like a bad mother.

What I've discovered though, now that the sight of me and things rolling toward her no longer make her fall on the floor in a shivering, heart-racing heap, is that when there are yummy bunny pellets stuck inside the ball she goes bat shit crazy for it. Like...absolutely Bat Shit Crazy.

And that ball is sure as hell looking less-than-pristine now.

Oh Binky, crazy critter. Can't trust that rabbit with anything these days especially not with my IKEA lamps, the cord for the DVD player, or any item made from paper left on the coffee table. Or plants either.

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