Bunnies, blossoms, other nice things.

5/29/2010 01:10:00 pm

My Mergers and Acquisitions Department has been working overtime this week. Mr Plastic Money in the Accounts Department is not very impressed.

But really, I did need a new wallet and some books. Really.

I'm back to window shopping. Pay day is farther away that one small person can fathom (small as in figurative...because if you know me, and I'm pretty sure you do..hello mother.. you know what I'm saying... eeh).

This time on Etsy. I don't know why I torture myself. Bunnies and other nice things are just so nice. Especially when they are handmade and artisanal...I feel more worthy somehow if they are handmade and not mass-produced. That way when I blow my pay on lovely little things I don't need, I can at least justify that I'm contributing to art, and supporting artists.

All against the man, that's me.. or something, anyway.

Buddy Bunny Silhouette Necklace

Alas, I already own a bunny necklace..and an actual bunny.. but if Mergers and Acquisitions were heading in the direction of another bunny necklace, this is where I, as company director, would steer them.

Personalized Gingham Bunny Hop Notecards

The only problem here: no friends to send note-cards too. Good thing I've got Mergers and Acquisitions working hard for me.

Burnt Umber Blossom corsage brooch

I'll admit that I attempted to undercut the artisan, and tried to figure out how to make these myself. Unfortunately, the skill required was beyond me, and now I have 50 pieces of felt left over. Small pieces of felt though..


Kirie 01 Bamboo Clock

Hot damn, I need to find me a house to acquire, otherwise I won't have anywhere to hang a clock. And since I have no friends (See above), I don't even have people I can gift a clock to. I need this clock, and I need it now. And yet, I cannot have it for reasons beyond my control. I think I feel a little cracking in my heart.


Sterling Blossom Stack Rings

Damn my chubby little fingers and the need to wear gloves at work.


I think I need to have a very frank discussion with the head of the Accounts Department.

That is all.

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  1. Rachel10:01 pm

    Send me a notecard! I like getting post. It's a event that doesn't occur often enough in my life.


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