Container gardening success. Container gardening fail.

5/09/2010 10:17:00 pm

A couple of months ago, when I feeling like a competent sort of stylish apartment dweller, I went a bit mad at Bunnings and ended up with a table, some jasmine bushes and about 8000 candle holders. The idea was to create a sort of..lush balcony paradise.. for the drinking of wine, the bbq-ing of steak, and also for the reading of books whilst obtaining an even tan.

Two weeks ago, I re-potted the dead looking jasmine bushes and started watering them. Who would have thought plants die if they are root-bound and dehydrated... The jasmines have now come back from the brink and started flowering again! Hello hay-fever!

Similarly, once I realised that part of the reason my peas were dying was because they were being eaten by rabbits, and placed them out of reach of rabbits and propped their little stems up on little garden-stakes made out of matchsticks, they are starting to flower! It's ok, I am shocked too.

The seeds in my mini-greenhouse have finally started to grow!

The basils are actually starting to look like basils! Look at their little leaves! I am very excited, because you see, I've never actually grown something from a seed that lived to start looking like the actual plant! Honest to god, I'm about to run out of exclamation marks!

But ah... I don't know about these ones. I think I broke it.

I knew my green-thumbed streak couldn't last.

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