Emergence of the black thumb of death

6/19/2010 09:29:00 pm

My little foray into gardening has reached a tipping point.

I think some re-potting needed to be done about two weeks ago. I didn't do it. Now my lettuces have turned brown and wilty. Even the bunnies won't eat them. They could possibly be salvaged, but I'm lazy, and a bit over the gardening lark.

I may re-pot my baby basils tomorrow..it's unlikely though...

The peas are almost dead. I should probably just feed them to the bunnies and be done with it, but then I'll feel like a total failure at gardening. Again.

I did get some real true honest peas. I grewed them myself and I took photos for proof!

To prevent birds benefiting from my labours, and also because they were starting to shrivel, I picked all six of my peas.

But then I put them somewhere I cannot remember, and currently I am unable to locate them.

I think I shall stick to frozen.

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