Urban nuclear family

6/14/2010 07:47:00 pm

Two kids and a house in the suburbs. And all that jazz.

Binky will always be my first born, though she is grumpy and can be a bitch, I love her much. She's blowing her baby fur at the moment, and consequently looks a bit strange. Her colour has changed a bit now that she's a teenager, and she's getting little white-tipped patches on her nose and ears.

My girl is growing up. She's getting fat too, but I don't like to judge.

But then, in spite of our happy family...I may have done something naughty on Friday...and well... Mochi will always be my second born...

Mochii is docile, and tiny, and not a biter or a wriggler. And though she did wee on me on Saturday, I'm trying very hard not to succumb to favouritism.

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