Five things that make me happy.

7/25/2010 02:07:00 pm

Readers, lately I just haven't had much to say.

I have been feeling a bit crap in general, sleeping poorly, eating badly, spending too much money, and have been miserable about somethings and nothing in particular. I thought it was probably best not to inflict that on others.

Before my beloved went to work yesterday, I was told that he expected to see a blog post upon his return this afternoon. I think my malaise has been leeching out, and I imagine it's quite wearing for those around me. For example, my beloved. Sorry about that.

I am going to snap out of it today, and start the week off well.

Here is my list. It's not exhaustive, but it's a beginning.

  1. Prowling Etsy for lovely things that I imagine myself owning. And also purchasing little pretty things for myself from time to time (see above comment re: money, spending too much).
  2. My new ring from esdesigns. Love love love it. 
  3. My friends, who make me leave the house and do fun things, and who love me even though I am terrible at replying to text messages and emails.
  4. I am so pale. Thank god these two have been making me leave the house, thereby maximising my chance of sun exposure.
  5. My little family. Even though I spend lots of my time picking up bunny poo and stinky man socks,* my bunnies make me happy, especially when they run around in a little circle as I shake the pellet bottle. It's so funny it's cruel. And I love that Rob listens to me whinging and complaining about being fat/having no friends/being lonely/hating all my clothes etc, and still brings me cups of tea in bed when I am too lazy to go to the kitchen. 
  6. Reading the newspaper (and also my newspaper scarf, which is the coolest item of clothing I have ever, or ever will, own). The actual paper version in broadsheet. Especially whilst sitting in the sun with some tea and toast. Except for when I try to do the crossword and end up feeling intellectually inferior. Stupid crossword. Maybe I should change this one to "drinking tea and eating toast".
  7. Changing the sheets. Or rather, getting into bed when the sheets have just been changed and they are fresh and delicious..if you know what I mean? I made the mistake of buying some flannellette sheets at the start of winter, and they are so warm and's problematic.
  8. Mine are the green ones. They are almost even better than my green Egyptian cotton sheets. That's a bold claim, but it's one I'm willing to make...

Also, flowers make me happy, because they are lovely. The end.

*To be fair, my feet are stinkier than Rob's. Much. They're no bunch of roses, let's just put it that way...

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