Toys for bunnies

8/22/2010 02:49:00 pm

I am told that bunnies can become most mischevious when they are bored. The key to avoiding this is toys. Toys toys toys. It's what all the bunny websites say, and you and I both know that if it's on the internet, then it must be true.

My bunnies like to play with the following: 

(PSA: don't use iPhone camera as a real camera. Charge battery of real camera)

Electrical cables are so much fun! There's so much yummy plastic to chew through, and sometimes, if you're lucky, there are even more coloured tubes inside to nibble on. If the cord is no fun, don't worry, the hard plastic of the plug is good for making sure bunnies' teeth get even wear.
Hay is delicious. Even more so when it is strewn across the carpet. It's fun to poo in too!!
Telephone cables are even better than electrical cords because it only takes one little bite to get to the good stuff inside. If your bunny is lucky, it will find a whole pile of telephone cable and will experience the feeling of all rabbit christmases coming at once.
Phone books are extremely tastsy, and good for the brain too. Think of it as literature via osmosis.
Chairs are great fun to nibble on. There's so much surface area, and the hard wood is excellent for oral health. Rabbit teeth grow continually, so you have to make sure to provide exciting things to chew on. For these rabbits, a pine cone just isn't going to cut it.
And I should mention, another reason why phone cables are great, is that there are so many colours inside, your bunny will never get bored!!

These bastards. They are in cahoots.

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  1. ha ha i have two rabbits also and those photos could be mine, with everything and anything left on the floor devoured! so funny :)

    Krystal x

  2. I love their little guts, but damn, they can be bastards! :)


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