Like candy from a baby..or something

9/22/2010 10:49:00 pm

I'd like to tell you something.

Actually, I'd like to tell you two things. They are neither life changing, nor are they strictly..erm... vitally important, but I would like you to pay attention nonetheless.

  1. There is a lolly shop in Berrima. It is called "The Lolly Swagman" and it has a statue out the front of a swagman that scared the shit out of me. Inside is a cornucopia of lollies. None of this "candy" bullshit; I'm talking musk sticks of all colours, fresh marshmallows, boiled lollies, Dutch licorice, German nougat, jaw breakers, red skins, milk bottles, those terrible wedges of gum with the fake tattoo inside. Basically (except for the Dutch and German exotics), the things we used to get in party bags when our parents still loved us and threw us extravagant birthday parties. My mouth waters.

    Luckily, when we were in there I was out of cash and I couldn't justify the purchase of $20 worth of sweets on my credit card.  This little kid below though, her grandma could justify the purchase of a big fat juicy lollipop, and said kid was pretty damn happy. 
  2. I was playing on the tubes just now, and I stumbled on a fantastic website called PuglyPixel. PuglyPixel is Katrina Tan and she sells mad cute stuff in her Etsy store, like little tiny envelopes and novelty heart-shaped doilies (ie. the kind of things I impulsively buy when I'm trawling the internet late at night). But, she also has a great section of web graphics/blogging freebies and cool tutorials. You may start seeing some of these freebies around from time to time... just sayin'... *wink*

I think I scared her, but she didn't cry or maybe it was all good...

She was kinda cute and all, but her hands looked pretty sticky, so I didn't get too close. She'll probably need root canal in a few years and end up with Type II diabetes, but look how much she's enjoying the lollipop right now!

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  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    i LOVE candy shops and would've gone crazy at The Lolly Swagman, too -- dangerous.

    i think you did a great job incorporating the clip art into your blog -- thanks for your kind words!! :)


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