Organisational endeavours

9/10/2010 06:46:00 pm

I like stuff. I like making stuff..

Lately, I've started making my own candles because my addiction to Ecoya metro candles was starting to get pricey. Turns out making a candle involves a lot of shit. Thermometers, wick things, clothes pegs etc. It was taking up half the kitchen, and my other half, though he does not cook, was starting to get antsy.

So I organised. I tidied it all up. The candle making supplies. The terrarium equipment. The various jewellery-making equipment. Pliers, wires, beads. Tidied.

But then I had to do something with the laundry, because friends were coming to stay. And I was rushed.

And now my desk is covered in laundry and there are jewellery-making supplies in the kitchen.

It's a slippery slope.

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