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10/08/2010 06:35:00 pm

Would you believe that we are fast approaching the 500 post mark?! Who knew I had so much to say about nothing in particular!

 I am about to purchase a new camera and venture out for some new and exciting adventures. An adventure venture, if you will.

All I will say right now, is that it will involve some hiking, perhaps a waterfall or two, and underwater camera (!), and some turtles.

And also, I imagine, a very large wheel of brie.

I shall leave you with a story. On the 25th of September, I found myself in Armidale. I don't mean that I "found myself" .. it wasn't anything profound.. and actually, I was expecting to be there, so perhaps that's not the best choice of words (I have had a number of glasses of wine. We are drinking cleanskins at the moment, which are very delicious and also extremely reasonably priced).

Anyway, I was in Armidale. At a party. At a...gulp.. 30th birthday party. I have friends who are turning 30. Gasp. We were staying at the house of the mothership, wandering in the street outside and generally taking in some nature and views, when an amazing thing happened. I really do mean amazing. I'm not even exaggerating!

I will recreate the scene for you:

Scene: the street of the mothership, views of Mount Duval in the distance. Birds tweeting. Worms wriggling.

Ellie's brain: "Hmmn, that's a very funny looking dog coming around the corner. Ooooh, is it a wombat?!"
Rob's brain: "Ohhh, that's a funny looking wombat. Why is it walking funny. Mnn, it's a dog or something. I want some salami."

Brains simultaneously: "Oh My God! It's a koala!!"



Ellie shouts at Rob, and runs down the driveway: "Rob! Stay there, watch it!!"

-Rob looks bemused-

Ellie enters house: "MUM! MUM!"

Jennifer (putting on makeup and sounding gruff): "Hmphpshpsh, what do you want?"

Ellie (slightly hysterical): "There is a koala outside and the mummy koala has a baby koala and the baby koala is on the mummy's tummy and they are in the street and they are walking and there is a BABY KOALA ON THE MUMMY KOALA!!"

Jennifer (screeching): "WHERE'S MY CAMERA?!?!?!"

End scene.

It was so cool.

I think that one of the most comfortable places in the world to snuggle must be on the belly of a mummy koala; totally jealous.

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