A note on my garden

10/27/2010 10:47:00 pm

I'm sick of writing about holidays. I've been drafting you see, except that everything I write is boring and there are too many photos to choose from, and so I think it's easiest to stick to mass-uploading on facebook and writing witty captions. Surely if you are reading this, you are friends with me on facebook and so you've seen all the pictures by now anyway?

You remember how my poppies got eaten? Eaten by rabbits? Then by big nasty birds. All eaten up by bastard creatures. Then the poppy buds began to grow top-heavy, and the buds were snapping off, or the stems were simply...falling over, unable to support their lives any longer.

Basically, the poppies were tasty to all creatures great and small, and with beaks. They were also suicidal. Neither fate, nor nature were on my side.

But then....

Suck on that fate and nature!! My first flower ever grown from a seed to a flowering plant. First ever.


*They're not opium poppies, so I doubt there will be pipe smoking of any kind...

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