Two bunnies, both alike in dignity

10/30/2010 01:31:00 pm

I think I got duped by the pet shop industrial complex. Duped into purchasing a mongrel bunny.

I bought Binky from a breeder. Some crazy lady out in the Hills district. We had to go out to Penrith or somewhere and meet her in a carpark for the handover. It was good though, because I knew Binky's age, and I also believed the lady when she said that Binky was a purebred Netherland Dwarf and that she was true to type. That's probably why Binky's such a bitch sometimes, but that's a whole other story.

I bought Mochi from a pet shop, even though I swore that pet shops are evil and no bunny of mine would ever be procured from such a place. Pet shops take bunnies that are younger than 8 weeks', and they're not supposed to be separated from their mummies so young. (They also encourage bunny and puppy mills, which is very mean).

But bunnies that are younger, say, 6 weeks' old, are really really really cute.

Enter my being sucked in by the complex.

When Mochi was a baby (she was probably about 6 or 7 weeks' when I bought her), she was tiny, and she was gorgeous, and she submitted to cuddling in a way that Binky never has. However, the pet shop told me that she was a mini lop crossed with a dwarf lop. They were also unsure of her sex (I am now sure that she is really a lady bun). Had she been a mini lop cross, she would have remained relatively small. Not as tiny as Binky, but still, not huge.

They lied.

Huge or not, I love the little bastard. The irony in this situation is that Binky, a purebred from a breeder, cost $30 and she came with a little bag of hay. Mochi, a huge mutant mongrel from a pet shop, cost $80. And she came with nothing but a huge appetite and a propensity to wee on your lap.

When the girls were at Bunny Wonderland, I think Binky was traumatised a little, and she's been much more docile since her return. Mochi has been very skittish, and she's bigger but seems a little leaner. Her fur looks different and I'm sure she's blown her baby coat too, so I think she's just hit bitch-face bunny puberty.

My girls, they're growing up.

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