Hello garden my old friend

12/05/2010 02:06:00 pm

Last time I tried to grow tomatoes, it ended badly.

I had the plant in a shallow pot, crammed in next to a lavender bush and a bunch of chives. It sat, precariously, on my external window sill, and got more exhaust fumes than fresh air. It died quite quickly, and the lavender went not long after.

This time, hopefully things will be different. I have a tomato plant that is thriving. There are more than 8 little tomatoes starting to grow, and one of them has begun to turn red! Red!!

I don't think my skill as a gardener has improved at all, in this case I think I have been lucky. Rob and I bought a tomato seedling each, we planted them at the same time, in the same soil. Mine is blooming, and shot up more than a metre, but his is failing... dropping leaves, and has yet to spring a flower. Further proof too, is that in another pot, I planted a different variety, and it has dropped most of its leaves and spends most of the day wilted, and sad looking.

Anyway...red, I tell you!

I have even managed to grow something from a cutting! A cutting, I tell you!!

I just need to figure out how to grow pineapple and celery, and I'll have the ingredients for pica colada and bloody maries!

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