On resolve.

1/02/2011 08:39:00 pm

Of course, if I were to be honest with you (and delusional with myself), I would tell you that my new year resolve involves becoming thinner, more confident, and funnier at parties. And also becoming someone who..goes to parties. Oh and fashionable too.

I'm going to stick with some more realistic resolves. I won't bore you, but let me just tell you that number one on the list is to eat more fibre. I'm not especially keen to repeat the colonoscopy and colorectal specialist experiences I had in 2010.

Or the food poisoning, but I've avoided Portugese chicken since that experience, and all seems to be going well...

south coast 2

The best way to ring in a new year is with positive thinking, pancakes, and good friends. Poodles are also a great help.

Shortly before new year I experienced all of the above, except that I must've used up all my mojo because when new year's eve actually came around, I was tired and teary, and went to bed long before midnight.

I bought a pilates DVD and some weights today though, so I'm sure that things will shortly be looking up. I am thinking good thoughts about this year, so surely good things must happen?

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