The fat runner: incentives

2/14/2011 08:01:00 pm

I've decided to stop buying clothes. The accounts department has been trying to put the kibosh on the practice for a while, and now HR has joined the fight, insisting that there's no point because new clothes will soon be made redundant. Last in, first out, and all that.

My beloved, bless his cotton socks and hairy legs, wants me to be thin. Not because he wants a thin girlfriend and is sick of being seen with a chubber (well, that better not be it, or else he's in for an ass kicking), but because he wants a happy girlfriend. Much of the unhappiness in my life at present is related to my chubbiness, and I think he's hoping that if I am happier with myself, there will be fewer nights where he has to spend an hour or two cradling me as I sob all over his shirt.

He has offered me an incentive. If I lose 10kg, he will sort things out with the accounts department, and assist in the purchase of a new wardrobe. I like the sound of this, but 10kg isn't my goal and I think he knows it won't happen. Obviously, I would quite like a new wardrobe, so I will do my best, but at this point I would really just like to fit back into some of my pants.

I shall be content with my own incentives. And if I'm not buying clothes, I'll have so much money to spend on other things!!

MOR Little Luxuries Marshmallow Perfume Oil - Bon Bons pointy toe leather flats - High Tea! - Trilogy Rose hand cream - Pandora Moonstone ring - Super Mario Kart for Wii!!

Incentivise! First on my agenda is a huge snarfing pile of scones, cream, macarons, and cumber sandwiches at high tea. It may seem counter-intuitive considering my goal, but one must have rewards in life...

Must stay on the gym band wagon! Absolutely must.

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