Life with bunny

6/13/2011 04:43:00 pm

When I first got my bunnies, I read up, much like a pregnant lady preparing for labour. I knew that I shouldn't feed them lettuce. I knew that baby bunnies can eat lucerne, but not big bunnies. I learned that bunnies eat poo, but that it's special poo (cecals...).

I learned that bunnies don't like to be held or cuddled, and that it takes a long time to win their trust. I didn't believe it for a moment.

I should have believed it.

Binky doesn't mind being picked up so much, mostly I think, because she is too small to put up a decent fight and she has learned just to roll with it. She does, on occasion, bite, but it's more a warning than intention to cause pain. I think.

Mochi does not like to be picked up. She does not like to be touched. Sometimes, she objects to being looked at. She wasn't always this way, and I'm hoping that, like Binky, she grows out of it.

It's very sad because she is so fat and cuddly and fluffy, and sometimes I just can't help myself. In order to catch her, I have to grab her from the cage. She makes squawking sounds and sounds very upset. I feel terrible, but... I just can't help myself.

Bunny not loving it

Even 30 short seconds of bunny love is enough to keep me going for a while.
Bunny love day she will enjoy my attentions...

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