The best kind of shop

7/17/2011 11:53:00 am

Obviously, Borders as a concept didn't work out so well in Australia...But their books were always stupidly overpriced and the coffee was terrible, so it's hardly surprising. I won't even mention the cakes.

Imagine instead, a cafe, with big fluffy scones, melting moments and central heating, mixed with a second-hand bookshop. It just feels right.

In general, I'm not a huge fan of melting moments, but these were just the right size. Two little bites, and not enough biscuit to dry the mouth. I might make some today to bring back the memories. I might also stay in bed watching True Blood, but at least I have options.

I can't remember which of these I bought. Hopefully not The Remains of The Day, because after recently reading Never Let Me Go, I just bought the kindle version. Unless, I have read before. I remembered liking it though, and I am unable to resist the lure of the second-hand book. Elizabeth Jolley, I bought but haven't yet read. Really, I only bought it because my mother told me that everyone should read at least one of her books, and if I have it on the shelf I can tell myself that I will read it one day.

So much cosier than Borders, Starbucks, Gloria Jeans et al.

This was over Easter, and I think I ate a scone everyday. It was a revelation. Jam. Cream. Floury scone. Heaven.

I rarely leave the house, except for work and groceries. Perhaps if there were more places like these in my immediate future it would be easier to emerge from the nest.

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