Unconditional puppy love

10/12/2011 11:13:00 pm

Mel ponders, it is getting late and she is worn out.

Mel is sleepy, surely it's time to go to bed? Under the covers in the human bed, just this once?

Mel does not wish to pose for the camera.

Really, please. She does not want to pose for the camera.

She is an old girl, and she just wants to cuddle up and have a nap.

I love my bunnies, but they are not really people persons. In fact, I don't believe that they even like me. Though she is now in the custody of Jenny, due to my lack of house and back yard, Mel loves me most (except for when food or my brother are around). I don't even notice now that she is skin and bone, and makes a funny wheeze when she is sleeping. I only notice how comfortable it is to nestle with her on the couch, and how she stays very still when she thinks you don't know she is under the doona cover, and her puppy dog paws tapping on the tiles... 
My girl is getting on in years and I am going to miss her so very much when she is gone.

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