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1/04/2012 09:48:00 pm

Orchids, already flowering or budding.
 It's that simple.

I bought this Phalaenopsis about 3 months ago. It was flowering then, it's flowering now (for orchids it might be called inflorescence..not sure, but I'm sure that orchid enthusiasts get very passionate about such things). Some extra flowers have even bloomed (that's a big one for me since usually when I buy a budding plant, I look at it the wrong way, and then 3 days later the buds shrivel and drop). It's possible that my plant is a species with a stupid name called Zuma's pixie, but regardless of species, it's very lovely. The flowers are small and sweet, and at the moment there are 13 of them.

I follow the advice of the lady in the store: I water it when I remember once a week. And that, apart from keeping it out of reach of inquisitive bunnies, is all I do. Having now read "Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Instructions" as research for this post, I think maybe I'm watering it wrong, and also that I'm meant to be fertilising it...but... things seem to be going ok at the moment.

There is one other, very important thing, about these plants: they cost a bomb if you buy them from the florist. I have seen them start at 50 bucks at go up-up-up from there depending on size and impressiveness. Take a leaf from me (hah, you see what I did there...right??) and buy one from Bunnings for $15.00... 

...that way when it does die, you will feel no remorse.

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