Spoils of war

1/19/2012 09:54:00 pm

Christmas. I spent too much money, and too much time with my mother. Sorry Jenny... No repeat of last year's Royal Doulton incident... I'm sure that's probably a good thing (for my mental well-being), but I was quite looking forward to seeing what other things were going to make their way back to us this year...

♥ Clockwise from top left: Cath Kidston's Sew! for the making of lovely objects ♥ L'Occitane 4 Reines...mmn so delicious, from my love, because he knew how much I liked it ♥ Benji the sausage dog from my wonderful friend Susan, who knows how much I love both dogs and brooches ♥ Kikki K wooden pegs and heart clips to organise my stuffs (and I am actually using them at the moment to hold bits of pattern pieces/instructions together while I'm sewing.. as well as an awesome stamp. I am loving stamps, even if I am lacking in objects that require stamping... ♥ Poppi glass candle holder (I was told that I couldn't have any more candle holders or tea cups, but there was no mention of what happens when they are given to me by other people!!) ♥

Instead of regifted* and confusing presents, this year I guess I will just have to make do with things that are whimsical and lovely. Pffft. There's always my birthday..

*Is it counted as regifting when the object in question was originally in the possession of the giftee? Or is it complicated by the fact that it wasn't technically owned by the giftee in the first instance, and rather, the original owner has been bypassed? I mean... the Royal Doulton was going to be ours one day anyway, but it was Mum's, and then it was removed from its original paper wrappings in the cupboard, then passed down to us (well... half of it), and she's not dead yet. These are trying questions indeed. 

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