Miscellaneous cats of Japan

2/14/2013 11:34:00 pm

Osaka Castle Cat is hunting fish and grasshoppers, and with your very presence, you are probably ruining everything.
Koya-san Burmese Cat just wants to be left alone. Can a cat spend some private time in a damn alley way these days?!

Hiroshima Peace Park Cat will burn your soul out with his eyes. Burn it.

Although, if that is tuna on your onigiri then he may be amenable to some kind of truce.
Hiroshima Tram Stop Cats have some really important grooming and shit to get down to in these bushes.

And you are interrupting.

Lake Ashi Cat is not even remotely interested in whatever you have to offer. Is that a noodle. Really?

Lake Ashi Cat is far too good to eat some shitty soba off the ground.

Nikko Window Cat just wants to go back to sleep.

It's enough putting up with those two bitches over in the corner all day without some idiot interrupting nap time with a fucking camera. They call it a CAT NAP for a reason.

Nikko Window Cat aside, how do the Japanese stray cats remain so glossy and plump??

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  1. Anonymous12:25 am

    Why are the plump? Have you noticed the lack of bird life?


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