A lot has happened

1/02/2015 06:52:00 pm

The following life events happened in 2013-14. I believe that my resulting score on the Holmes and Rahe scale was quite high, but I think things are resolving now. 

I changed jobs. And it was kind of stressful.  Although I do now understand that staying in a job because you are worried that no one else will employ you is really stupid. Probably generalisable to life at-large.

I got fatter...but I refuse to buy bigger clothes, so I reached an impasse with myself, caved, and joined the gym again. See also, the bathrobe problem, below.

I switched to a different medication, just as I changed jobs and I was alone at home for 3 weeks. That was a Bad Idea.  Later, I decided to stop taking the medication altogether and that didn't go so well...that black dog is insidious.

We bought an apartment off-the-plan and waited for it to be built. And waited. And then it was ready, but it wasn't really, and the windows weren't waterproof and either was the bathtub. And after much stress, the vendor rescinded the contract 2 days before settlement. It was kind of stressful and so, so, disappointing. But it's done now, and we dodged a bullet, and after all that, we didn't buy an apartment.

We went to Japan. Actually, twice. 
Kamikōchi 上高地 - Nagano Pref
Somewhere in Osaka...
Shukkei-en 縮景園 - Hiroshima

I became an aunt.

We went to Tasmania.
Great Oyster Bay - Swansea TAS

Bicheno lichen - Tasmania

I bought so many clothes, partly due to an expectation that I'd soon be in possession of a built-in wardrobe, that I had to start keeping them in the bathtub. We call it the bathrobe.

 I watched all of Revenge and Veronica Mars, Enlisted, started Brooklyn 99, caught up on Suits, most of VEEP, many costume dramas, revisited Scrubs, and marathonned all seven seasons of the West Wing (and just like the first time, I only stuck out the last 3 because I wanted Donna and Josh to be together so badly). Also Friday Night Lights.

Since we didn't buy an apartment, we spent a shit tonne of money at IKEA and went to New Zealand.

Montgomery Peak no. 1 track - Banks Peninsula NZ
So, a lot happened, but really, nothing much changed.

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