Buy now, regret later.

1/11/2015 12:51:00 pm

If you have enough money, you should buy this merino hoodie right now. Preferably in 'jazzy'.

Toasty, but not clammy, under my rain jacket in 上高地, Kamikōchi

macpac Miro 280 gsm hoodie in jazzzzzzy

I have it in grey marle already, and it served me well in Japan. The macaques found it very approachable. Because of the way the hood is set in, it doesn't grab at my neck. I hate a hoodie that feels like a garotte.

Post-Christmas sales, I bought another. I needed the pink one. And it was on sale. Perhaps it will make me go up mountains faster, or with more ease...I did feel some regret afterwards when I looked at my credit card statement, but in retrospect, it was probably the goretex pants that broke this particular camel's back.

The fit is quite relaxed, so you can go down a size and boost your ego (I bought the 12). I think that macpac in general has generous sizing, because in an online shopping spree last year I bought two other merino baselayers, and the 14 is a bit loose. I should have exchanged them but I was too lazy, so I might try to shrink them in the tumble dryer instead. That will also probably involve some feelings of regret.

If you don't have enough money, you should buy instead this merino top/hoodie from Kathmandu, which I also own. It's only 195 gsm, so it's very light and you can stuff it into a day pack easily. It's in clearance at the moment for $50.

For what it's worth, I don't think that the quality of Kathmandu merino is as good as Macpac. I'm more inclined to go for Icebreaker anyway, but I can usually only afford to buy a single sock.

Oh, and no one paid me for this opinion, but I wouldn't say no if they tried.

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