Some thoughts about rabbits

1/31/2015 11:29:00 am

I was browsing the interwebs this morning, and found this blanket cloak. It is clear to me that I require this travel warming gown leg warmer. As clear as the day.

Just so we're clear, I wasn't actually looking for a portable cloak fleece... as it happens, everyday happy smile also purveys an awesome felt handbag organiser, and that is what I was looking at...

I am thinking of buying some to add to my stash of presents* as I have the same in green and it is great. I don't think mine ever looks quite as organised though...


Some other thoughts about rabbits, of the non-fleece cloak variety.

Things that are true about rabbits:

1.    They are definitely super cute. That cannot be disputed. And obviously, mine are the cutest.

2.    They dislike being held, stroked or looked at. They have sharp claws, powerful hind legs, and are not above a warning nip to put some asshole back in her place. Rabbits are terrible pets for children.

3.    Rabbits chew everything, including but not limited to: telephone cables, ethernet cables, power cables, screen door mesh, screen door rubber, table legs, chair legs, actual legs. 

Things that are categorically not true about rabbits. Do not believe what anyone tells you:

1.    Their digestive systems are not as sensitive as the rabbit blogs lead you to think. See point three, above. I have also concluded that they are impervious to the forces of electricity. See point three, again. 

2.    You cannot really litter train a rabbit. Saying that the rabbit will pick its own toileting location does not equate to ‘litter training’. Binky decided that her preferred location was the carpet at the front door. That was not the same location as the litter box. 

3.    Although I have seen video evidence on youtube, I do not believe that rabbits can really be trained to wear a harness. And I think that to get a rabbit to show-jump you must drug it with powerful chemicals.  


    *My friend Nicky once told me that possession of a present box is a mark of adulthood. Whooosh.... I've made it!!

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