On hobbies. Particularly, sewing.

3/07/2015 03:11:00 pm

I love sewing, mainly because my ego gets really inflated when someone compliments me on my outfit and I'm like, "oh... this, yah, I made it...no big deal", and then the person is incredibly impressed at my amazing skills and general awesomeness.  Like I said, no big deal.

But at some point in the last couple of years, like many other things, my hobby fell by the wayside.

I can identify a number of major factors in the demise:
  1. Every time I would sew something, I would follow the pattern measurements to a tee, and so if the pattern said I was a 18, I would cut am 18, vanity sizing be damned. Every single damn thing I made was too big. You know what, fuck vogue and McCall patterns, their sizing is a lie. Don't trust the measurements! *
  2. I am lazy. And I procrastinate. It's hard to justify sewing on the weekend when you have a 5000 word essay to write from scratch due on Monday. 
  3. I was getting progressively fatter, and I didn't want the sizing to be an actual accurate reflection.... 
  4. Sometimes you just have to spend the weekend watching a season of Friday night lights or the west wing. 
  5. Mental health greatly impacts upon my ability to get out of bed on the weekend. And it's hard to sew from underneath a blanket. 
  6. Clutter. Fuck loads of it. I need someone to come to my house and throw things out. All of the things. 
As a consequence of my hiatus, when I pulled my sewing machine out last weekend to alter a shirt which is now too big, it was covered in dusty grime. I cleaned that shit off, but now I feel like a bad person because everyone knows that dust inside a sewing machine can only mean certain death. Something like that, anyway.

Also, I always take shortcuts when I'm sewing and so made the darts in the shirt too deep. Consequently, it still doesn't fit because now it's too small. It's slippery fabric, so I figure it will be easier to loose 2 more kg than unpick it and start again.

I have some time to burn this weekend, and some readings I need to be doing, so...Behold, I made cover for my Janome DC2050. It's the most popular entry level Janome model, apparently. One of the ways they make it affordable is to not include a cover...
Some advice: buy packs of patterned tea towels from Bed Bath n Table. They have so many great patterns, and at easter, their range of rabbit themed napery is so vast it is almost overwhelming. You can use all of those adorable rabbit-themed pieces of fabric to sew rabbit-themed assorted fantastic objects. Some of the tea towels are pre-embroidered, so if you sew something using the decorated bit (see above, and below), it will appear that you are especially skilled and crafty.

This cover was supposed to have a little opening in the top for access to the carry handle. I measured, and traced, and drew up a pattern. But somehow I totally, completely fucked up the measurements anyway. So it's just a cover. Nothing fancy. It's not quilted or anything (I saw some really fancy patterns on the interwebs) because its primary purpose is to look good and stop dusty grime from getting in the innards.

Perhaps next weekend I will tackle something more adventurous, like a cover for my overlocker or my KitchenAid. I'm all out of TV episodes at the moment anyway. 

*I found out today, from the internets, that for American patterns such as Vogue and McCalls, you are supposed to use the upper bust measurement. My mind is blown, and I wish someone had told me that four years ago. 

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