Had I more time

12/20/2015 09:19:00 pm

I would make puff pastry from scratch. Or learn to make sfogliatelle. Mmmm. Pastry. 

I would cook all the recipes from all of the cook books that I own. 
And all of those unopened editions of Delicious magazine. 

I would conquer my fear of driving. 

I would start sewing clothes again, but I would figure out how to make them fit me properly. 

I would teach my dog (because presumably if I have more time, I will also be in a situation conducive to dogs) to do agility time trials. And finally win the bunnies over to show jumping.

I would have a tidy house. 

I would take more photos, but I would delete the bad ones once they were uploaded. 

I would open my mail on receipt, rather than once per year when I'm completing my tax return. 

I would go to the gym everyday. In designer gym-wear with strategically placed mesh power panels and pulleys. Or maybe just walk more. 

I would open a cafe that sold poached eggs on sourdough, with avocado, and not much else. Except sfogliatelle. 

I would start my business, It's a Wrap, and it would be much more successful and profitable that any naysayers have predicted. It's a niche market, Rob!

Were I not a procrastinator, and if I stopped hoarding clutter (that I might need some day!). Had I more time, and I different life. Oh, the things I would do. 

What about you?

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