9/25/2005 08:05:00 am

I still haven't packed my bag, or at least I tried and sort of started, but then I decided I need to take notes home with me so I can catch up on the three weeks worth of classes I've missed..but then I got sidetracked because I couldn't find this extremely important piece of paper with stuff written on it, and by the time i'd searched for it I felt that I needed to go to bed.

I keep getting emails and text messages from the Labor Club which I accidentally signed up to in o-week, I want them to leave me alone but I just can't bring myself to tell them that I'm not interested. So then every time they call me about some loser trivia night I pretend I have a late lecture or something. You think they'd get the message.

Also, since we ran against them in the election, you think they'd put two and two together (see the Labor Club is actually Unity, which is centre left, whereas we are left left...makes sense if you think about it).

If you're in the dale I'll see you tomorrow :D

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