Raves and steam trains

9/25/2005 08:52:00 pm

As I trundled to the train station this morning (because I did eventually pack my bag, AND find the piece of paper that I’d been looking for) I ran into flatmate-boy and his friend. I had been a little concerned that they’d been arrested last night because I heard on the js as I packed said bag that at the rave last night at Homebush lots of people had been arrested for possession of …prohibited substances.

Let me just say at this point that I think flatmate-boy is being really really stupid for taking recreational substances, so I generally make disapproving comments to him and make sure he drinks enough water (not that I ever go to raves, but I give him these warnings before he goes…like a mother) but this is not the point…

The point is that I could see that flatmate-boy and friend weren’t home when I woke up this morning, and I’d had a bad vibe about the evening an then I heard this thing about people being done for possession on the radio, and I thought: wow, flatmate-boy’s parents are gonna bust him big time if he’s been arrested.

Turns out they hadn’t been arrested, they didn’t know that people had been. But when I saw them it was about 9.30 am, which means they’d been out for more than 12 hours, and can I just say they looked very very seedy, and when I asked if they’d seen the cops they looked very shifty and said they must’ve missed the dogs. So I shook my head at them, told them they smelled really bad, and made my merry way down the hill to the station only to be kinda alarmed when I got there to find that my train wasn’t on its usual platform: 1. Instead, there was a steam train there and I was a little bit concerned that I had inadvertently consumed some recreational drugs and was hallucinating due to the early hour of the morning.

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