Chemistry...good in some situations.

10/31/2005 01:19:00 pm

I think that failure is not necessarily a really bad thing. I mean, if you take a given course which has a 50% failure rate and you's not like that is the end of the world. Yes, I like this idea.

I think I'll be repeating chem over summer session. That too is ok, because let's face it: I'd get bored over three months otherwise eh.

I'm thinking I want some lunch, I already had some sushi but right now I feel like a desert course. Maybe a blueberry bagel, buttered and delicioso...or an apple pie from MacDonalds. I often think that if I had a pet beagle, I would call him Darwin to be all witty and spry, but I realise now that it's probably been done before. And Darwin is a bit a of a dicky name for a puppy. The other thing I was thinking (yes, a lot of thinking being done...I have an exam tomorrow you see), was that if I did have a puppy- which at this point in time is unlikely- I would call it something hilariously unusual. I was having trouble sleeping last night, so I decided that at some point in the future I'll own a golden cocker spaniel called Pheasant.

I want to learn shorthand so that I can take my notes faster in class, and also so there's something interesting and unusual about me. Eccentric if you will. But then I was looking at stuff about it on the net last night, and it seems a little too complicated and I realised that I can't be bothered. Pity.

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