Stress and hair loss: correlation?

10/27/2005 11:16:00 pm

Oh please kill me. In two more weeks this academic year will be over and hopefully HOPEFULLY I will never ever have to do chemistry again. After this year I will only have to play with happy little microbes: fungi and bacteria and other little squirmy things. And I will be oh so joyous!

Three of us had coffee with our HPS lecturer today and discussed Australia's looming anti-terrorism laws. These laws are not about freedom or protection, they are about silence and power of the few. I thought that we lived in a democracy, but over the last few years it's become increasingly clear to me that a) members of the Liberal party do not a democracy make, b) I was very naive. It disgusts me that if these laws get passed, people perceived to be doing "un-Australian" things can have their citizenship stipped, making them stateless. Or, if you get imprisoned for terrorism only one pherson in your family can know, and if they tell anyone they can be put in gaol for up to five years. And this is for our protection?! It makes me embarassed to be Australian. All I can say is I voted Independent in the Lower House, and Green in the Senate.

My HPS lecturer thinks that the ALP is over as a political force in Aus, and I'm inclined to agree. Time and time again they have been gutless and have failed to call the Howard Government on its shit. You only have to remember Labor's reaction to Children Overboard (or lack of), or their backflip over VSU to realise that at some point they lost their ideological backing. His opinion is that the alternative party will eventually be the Greens, and if Labor had Green's policy they would have been elected during the last Federal election, rather than the Coalition. Imagine...a world free of Howard, Nelson, Ruddock, Vanstone. Bloody hell, it makes me light-headed just considering it. But at the same time I could quite happily imagine a world without Beazly, Rudd or Latham (snigger on Latham). Imagine...Bob Brown as Prime Minister of Aus. Alas, that would be the re-beginning of the democratic process in this country, and unfortunately the majority of the Australian public are too stupid to realise what fucktards the Libs are.

The very hilarious thing that came out of our lunchtime coffee though, is that if these laws get up, my lecturer wants to get together a nice big group of his fairly famous academic friends. That's step one. Step two is to take out a full sized page in the Sydney Morning Herald saying a lot of 'seditious' things. Revolt against the government etc...with the challenge: are you going to put us in prison?
And the mailman who he has a chat to every morning is Cuban and totally wants in on the Revolution. He wants to do cartoons for the SMH ad.

But anyway, I have exams coming up: two next week plus an essay due, then Stuvac, then two more. Pass or fail as of 12pm on Nov 14 this year will be finished and I will be on holidays until March! Perhaps after then I will stop being able to pull my hair out by the hand-full when I brush it, I won't always be tired, and I won't be chronically ill. We can only hope...

Fun times ahead. Exams make me feel physically ill.

Oh and here's another thing...don't even get me started...

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