Oh Raelian, you drive me crazy.

10/12/2005 09:47:00 pm

I wish I didn't have Raelian in my sociology tut for two reasons:

1. He drives me crazy with his huge ego and attitudinal problems

2. He is crazy. I remember our first tut, we were talking about the concept of nationalism and othering. In response to nationalism, he stated that he sees himself as a global citizen and doesn't prescribe to the concepts of national identity. Asked then, when he's in another country does he seek to subvert Australian national identity when overseas, he replied "well I don't know, I've never been overseas". My response *muffled laughter*?!
On the notion of othering, he said "being of a religious and sexual minority I find I am often othered". I think to myself, sexual minority..this makes sense, because he works in the Queer Collective. But religious minority I ask myself? Talking to my brother later, I find out that this dude is a Raelian. Religious minority?!

But anyway, today we were talking about death and identity, and as I approach such topics from an atheistic view point, my opinion is that what matters is the here and now, you only have one finite life so wy not make it worth it. But apparently this isn't good enough, so we got to listen to a 45 minute lecture from this idiot (savant in his own opinion) about cloning and 'trans-humanism. Because apparently we'll soon be able to download our consciousness into a computer then upload it into a clone, thereby achieving continuity and immortality.

I wouldn't want to live forever, I've made enough mistakes in life in 19 years. God help me and everyone else if I lived eternally.

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