Why I am happy right now (basically).

10/16/2005 01:53:00 am

Wow, Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set were awesome. As was Glenn Richards, who did the warm up (he's lead of Augie March, doing a solo tour, and haz an amazing voice and stage manner).

Merchandise whore that I am I bought a Clare Bowditch singlet which is very cool, and also a poster that Clare and Libby signed. AND I got my album signed by Clare. She is a very nice person, they played a two song encore and after the set was finished she came out to the merch table really quickly and chatted with everyone who wanted to get something signed, which is more than most people do.

Sorry I'm rambling, but it really was a great gig and I am happy, at this moment, with my lot in life (which is very different to how I was feeling say....about eight hours ago, or last night, but that's entirely another story).

But for now, it's quite late and I am sleepy, so I will dream about music and marshmallows, and other whimsical nice things. Tra la la...maybe some penguins as well...

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