The zoo!

12/19/2005 11:24:00 pm

Lush and I went to Taronga Zoo yesterday and it was very very cool. We caught the ferry over, which was not so great since I'm always filled with this sense of doom that I'm going to die a watery death when I'm in a boat, but the trip was pretty amazing I have to admit. You get such a good view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, it's really nice. I'll have some photos to follow, but I took them with a 35mm camera, so I have to wait to get the pics developed.
I have a couple from Lushie's digital though (res not so great unfortunately).

When we got to the zoo we took the cable car up to the top entrance. The details are boring unless you were in the moment, but it was a very cool day.
Highlights would be the seal show and the penguins, but you probably saw that one coming eh. And the meercats, because they were cool. All I can say is *wow* about the location though; the view from the zoo is amazing, I wouldn't mind being a resident there (especially because I'd never have to cook or clean again).

Also, I just bought season one and two of Press Gang on DVD. I was feeling nostalgic for 80/90s tv and I'm soooo glad I got them, they're still good after all this time. Except that I watched all the episodes in the last two days, so my eyes are feeling a little strange, and now I have nothing to watch. I was watching season two last night when a neighbour came up to borrow some dvds, but we got chatting and I didn't end up going to bed until the sun came up. Crazy times (I'm feeling a little wired right now too).

And speaking of crazy, I think I've surpassed myself this time (in the minds of the neighbours at least): not content with the mosquito coils I usually burn while I'm on the couch outside, I got myself a mozzie net that fits over the whole thing. Bright blue. Well, really more of an aqua colour. From the reactions of passers-by as I was trying to hang it up, I gather that neon-coloured outdoor mosquito nets are not really the norm around here. Maybe though they were just laughing at me trying to work out how to hang the blooding thing up. I couldn't get a hole to go through the ceiling, so in the end I had to construct this fairly complicated rope and pulley system out of yellow twine. It looks a little bizzare but it works.

Good times ahead.

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