On pondering...life, I guess.

1/22/2006 05:54:00 pm

I started writing a big deep post the other day about how in ten days time I'll be homeless, and how that's stressing me out a little. It was also about how much I hate people (bearing in mind that by people I really only mean customers). The thing is though, that at some stage I must've gotten distracted, probably by a bright, shiny object, and I forgot that I'd been writing it. Then today, when I opened up my computer I found the half written post and invested valuable time to complete it. But then you know, when I went to post it, it didn't work because the session had expired and I'm not really in the same "hate everyone" mood that I was in then, so I haven't bothered to recreate said previous message verbatim. This'll just have to do.

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