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1/12/2006 10:12:00 pm

Apparently I had today a brush with fame (fame in the Australian sense at least).

I served a young man, tanned, good looking-ish or so he thought, wearing a pink shirt, and we exchanged witty and humerous banter. At first he asked if there was a medium in some shirt, to which I replied "no medium, which size did you try on?" It turns out he needed the medium as the small, which he had tried, was quite tight. On the counter though was the XL. After he got a bit confused and realised he must've put the wrong one back I told him that the small would be fine if he wore it with only one button done up and some chest hair hanging out then all would be fine and dandy (in all sense of the word). Alas, he had no chest hair, but I told him that he'd probably find that a small piece of shag-pile carpet, cut to size would do nicely and we laughed about just how funny both of us were.

Long story short, turns out that shag-pile was quite an appropriate comment as he was Millsy of Australian Idol season 1 fame. Yes, the one who shagged Paris Hilton. Who ever said retail wasn't fun?!

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