Before it gets better...

9/19/2006 10:35:00 pm

...It's going to get a whole lot worse. I'm at that point in the semester where I stop sleeping at night because I'm thinking about all the work I have to do, which means when I'm at uni, I can't concentrate on the things I should be doing, so I have a nap when I get home...and it all starts again.

I really enjoy the word 'nap'. I love the way it comes off your tongue, fully enclosed, with no room for any destruction from Aussie twang (which I am guilty of often). 'Snack' is another that I really like, it reminds me of the sound a pair of hard-heeled shoes makes on some surfaces, "click click". Anyway.

I can't wait for this week to be over so I can have a break. No work, no uni. I do have a fair few things that I need to get started though before uni goes back, in fact, thinking of the assessments I have in the month betwee mid-session and the exam period is enough to make me a) sick, b) crazy, c) addicted to some subtance or another (legal mind you; how much pseudo can you get over-the-counter again?), or d) all of the above. It really just depends on my mood.

I know you must be thinking, "Well, if she has so much to do, she shouldn't be doing this", but I've been fairly quiet on the blog front recently, and I stayed at home sick today (I even called off work!), so let me relax a bit without feeling guilty!

In other news, Guild elections are on this week. I swore I wasn't campaigning this year, but my inner hatred of Crazy Kate meant that yesterday I couldn't help myself. So far we're looking strong, I don't think there'll be that many votes this year (considering that in a week of polling last year only 1300 votes were cast in total, of an electorate of ~37,000) because we're only polling 3 days but we got 80% of the primary last year and it'd be nice to do the same this year. I'm not running for any positions because of the whole Sweden thing, and also because come January 1, 2007, there'll be no Guild, so this election really is moot. If only the egos of the student politics world had been able to back down just this once and we could've saved thousands of dollars. I swear, Kate is like that Greek mythology thing, you know, you cut off one head and two more grow back. It's a pity they're still ugly and psychotic. Ahem

I just have to say it though: Your Guild. Your Choice. Your Voice.
Yay for us!

Assignments/assessements to go before session is out:
1. History major essay. 2500 words. 40%
2. Genetics mid-session. 20%
3. Genetics poster presentation. ?%
4. History class test. 20%
5. Philosophy of science major essay. 2500 words. 40%
6. Philosophy of science class test 2. 15%
7. Micro isolation report. ?%
8. Micro isolation report powerpoint presentation. ?%
9. Micro isolation report lab book. 3% (can make or break a grade I guess)
10. Micro final, lab test. ?%
11. Micro final, theory. 50% I think
12. Genetics final. 50%
13. A couple more of those pissy genetics lab tests that are only worth a few % but 30% in total that are given without warning and I keep failing even though I do the reading.

Weeks left of session: 5 plus exams. Oh holy Jesus.

On the plus side, we're playing with little tiny flies (Drosopilla melanogaster) at the moment in genetics, and Tope and I had fun committing crimes against flies* by knocking them unconscious then seeing how long it took them to wake up, then knocking them unconscious again before they flew away. Needless to say, some did fly away and we killed some by accident (but only a couple). Actually, when you hit them with too much gas and they die, their wings kinda flip out backwards.

*actually what we were doing wasn't that mean, because CO2 gas anaesthetises them painlessly and if you accidentally overdo it, they just sort of go to sleep and don't wake up.

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