9/24/2006 11:02:00 pm

A few deep breaths are all that I need I think. I'm just a bit stressed about uni and there's a bug flying around near my head and the computer screen and I want to smoosh it because it is tres annoying.

Well here's a few stories:

Last weekend I hit my head really, really hard. I felt momentarily dazed and had I been feeling in a more dramatic mood might've blacked out, you know, just for the drama of the situation."And how?" You ask? Well, I walked into the door in the bathroom didn't I. I might be doing a science degree, but there's a reason I'm doing arts too...

After the preliminary count of the Guild election ballot, we seemed to have won with 81.5% of the primary vote. When the count had been finalised, there was no change in that percentage (admit it, for a moment there you thought I was going to drop a bombshell and be all like "and then something went terribly wrong and we lost afterall").

I flew to Armidale today and it was a little, shall we say, traumatic. Firstly, I was sitting next to someone devestatingly good-looking, which made me uncomfortable because he was so hot (hi Bertie xx hehe). Secondly, as we were sitting in the plane and it had the propellers on and it was powering up to start taxying away from the terminal, a large sheet of plastic went through the propeller, making an unsettling noise. We then continued to taxi, at which point I thought, "Hmmn, I don't think I really like the thought of flying in a plane that just had something hit the propeller and make a nasty noise". Then we sort of stopped moving, and sat there for a few minutes, and then the plane did a u-turn and we ended back where we started while the engineers took the engine apart to make sure that there weren't any little bits of plastic inside it. Then they decided that there wasn't any plastic in the engine, and we were allowed to go. So that all made me a bit uncomfortable, and flying over Sydney was fairly turbulent. The next strange thing about the flight was that when the captain came on the intercom and did the whole "weather's nice on the ground" spiel, he said that we were landing in Tamworth, which caused some confusion, since we clearly were meant to be going to Armidale. Then when we landed there was a lot of turbulence and the wheels didn't hit the runway at the same time and it didn't feel like the brakes were on, rather, it felt a lot like we were speeding up.

Then I got off the plane. Goodnight.

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