An odd coincidence.

10/04/2006 06:47:00 pm

And so, another pair of the seemingly random happenings in my life have converged. "Random?" I hear you say? Well..actually, I was trying to go all philosophical and deep, but best just get on with the story.

The hot guy who I sat next to on the plane last week did seem to be familiar somehow, and now I've worked out why he kept staring at me in the airport: yesterday at work, guess who I saw walk past our counter? Yes, and now that I think about it, I have served him on a number of occasions; he has good taste in business shirts and is gay. And my world gets smaller again.

I hit my head again this week, in almost exactly the same spot as last week, in almost exactly the same manner as last week. Except that this time, my bedroom door was the offender and I didn't hit it as hard. Then last night when I came home, I tried to make it to my room without turning any lights on (don't know why, didn't really think about it) and overshot the mark and ended up walking into the wall. So, I almost did the same injury a third time (luckily no one was home to laugh at me do it). Is brain-cell loss cumulative?

I'm thinking I want to walk up to Coles and buy some celery. I can't remember ever really liking celery particularly, but it just seems like a good thing to eat, maybe with peanut butter. I could keep working on my genetics poster, but no, celery it is.

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