Idag snöar från sidan!

2/23/2007 09:41:00 am

Yes, that's right, today did in fact snow sideways. And they were big cool flakey clumps of sideways snow.

Let me see, what news can I give you? I'm still sick. Yes, you did read that correctly. Almost a month on I am still afflicted with the same fricking throat infection, and it will not go away. And I will not go back to the doctor. And I really shouldn't have gone out to Snerikes on Tuesday night, stood in the snow for an hour, and drunk some vokda (I was thinking that maybe it would kill the bacteria in my throat if I gargled...). But I did anyway, and to be fair, I had actually thought that I was better since when I woke up on Tisdag morgen I was able to swallow without psyching myself up. All this is now retrospective and beside the point, afterall, we always know better the morning after, so here are so photos anyway.

PS. It was -15 that night while we were outside, and someone clocked it at -22 in the very early morning. And I can assure you, it was painful.

That's three people in one toilet cubicle. You see, we'd just been in line for an hour and were desperate: there was no way that we were going to loose our place in the line. Solution: go in together.

That would be me dancing in Lauren's kitchen at some point before going into town but after drinking vodka.

Me and Jordan (he has a life-threatening dairy allergy and he's Canadian, so he's very all-round likeable).

Lee is a very nice guy, but damn, those are crazy eyes!

"Wake up Jeff!!" Sigh, long story there...

"I think I'm falling over." Yes, probably.

"What do you mean we just missed the last bus and have to walk three kilometres home?!" Well, that didn't actually happen, but that's the face I WOULD have made had it been the case.

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  1. Anonymous10:24 am

    considering what you are studying, it amazes me that you can be sick for this long and not do anything to aid you immune system to get rid of it... but then again ive never had to deal with the sweedish health system...

  2. Well see I figure that because I KNOW I shouldn't be going out, then it's ok. I make a conscious decision rather than an ignorant one...that's what i tell myself anyway...

  3. Anonymous2:54 pm



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