Well that's another one down.

2/28/2007 06:44:00 pm

One more month is done (and another month where I have to try and figure out how to navigate the Swebank online banking system, without the assistance of my friendly Swede Johan, to pay my rent arg) and when we were talking about it with Joanna (our Finnish friend), we realised that if you break it down, the people who are only here for a semester will be going home really soon. If you think about it, it's 12 weeks until Easter, and then another 12 weeks...and they're finished. Some of my friends will be done with classes as early as May, and it seems like we're just getting started! Oh well, at least when Meredith and Kristen go home Lauren will still be here. We decided that come next semester, we're going to pretend to be new and go to the o-week stuff for exchange students so we can make new friends. Losers that we are.. I can see us now, "how come you guys know your way around the city so well", "ah well..ahem..you know, we got here on Monday and ahh, you know a few days can really make a difference..."

I think I finally kicked my tonsillitis in the ass, but now I have this weird cough, so I'm not going to get too carried away with my celebration of diseaselessness yet.

I'm actually nearly finished this first immunology course: lectures are done and we have three seminars from the end of this week, then a presentation, then hell of a lot of studying for the exam. The thing that gets me is that we had all these compulsory components, like labs and the seminars, which all have written components, and they're worth nothing. I've never had a final that was worth 100% before and that kinda freaks me out. Even chem was only 60. And the pass mark is 60%. I imagine that means you'll be seeing a lot of me on Facebook and blogging as I try in vain to procrastinate (but just for the record, I have no class today, yet I was here at 7.45am to work on our group presentation thing; that is committment I never thought I'd be able to muster).

Actually, it is very early in the morning...I wonder if I can find somewhere to take a nap.

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