So what exactly is this thing you call gasque?

3/01/2007 07:32:00 am

Gasque noun: A gasque is a formal dinner that involves large quantities of alcohol, dancing, and men singing Swedish folk songs while waving large flags and wearing silly hats.

The International Gasque was last Saturday night, and while aspects of it were a little disappointing (the lack of food and distance between courses, the fact that we had to pay extra for schnapps etc), I was still sick and in a tequila and champagne filled couple of hours we all got a little snap happy, drank some wine, sang some songs, and ate burgers (well, Kristen and me at least).
I wish that I'd gone to the Reccegasque week before last because that apparently had better entertainment- choirs, bands, dancing cheer-leader girls (no joke there)- but I didn't so..oh well. I guess the saddest thing about not going to the Reccegasque is that in the two and a half hours of speeches, not a single word was uttered in english, and despite the pomp, circumstance and tradition, Kristen, Lauren and Meredith got a little overcome with an uncontrollable and very audible fit of the giggles. Ah, I always miss the fun stuff.

Anyway, I posted more photos on Facebook, the link to which is in the sidebar there, but here's a few to keep you going for now.

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