Oh, my. It's just too good.

4/27/2007 06:18:00 am

Japanese fooled in poodle scam.
If somehow a YouTube video could be made from this story, my life would be complete.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 pm

    gold... pure, solid gold!

  2. I laughed out loud, I pictured her sad little face when she said her dog wasn't eating, I pictured the tv host's face when he realised that it was a sheep not a poodle, I laughed out loud again.

  3. Anonymous9:12 pm

    thank you, those extra images have just make me laugh again!

  4. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Jan Carlon reckons this story is a scam. Either way, if it's true, it's hilarious; if it's not, the writer has a great deal of imagination and possibly time on his/her hands.

  5. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Oh, BTW, the bloody dog (the real one) was holding her leg up again this morning. She is NOT worth another $750! I have given her drugs.

  6. Well I have two things to say to you JM, the first is this: Jan Carlon has expressed an opinion about something? I think I just fell down dead in shock.
    The second goes as follows: I'm sure the dog is only faking because she wants a) sympathy, or b) drugs as she's become a narc addicted fiend. But either way if you kill her (and I'm including 'accidental' death there) I'll...I'll.. well I don't know what I'll do but it won't be good.


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